Miata Mania About Us

The Houston Miata Club was originally founded in the early 90's, by a group of Miata enthuses to help build friend ships around a common interest the "Miata."

Members of the club meet on the 2nd Friday of every month to discuss club events and meet their growing family of Miata Friends. Once a month the members will meet for a variety of events, such as Driving adventures, Contest, Parades, Tours, Parties, Picnics, and much more.

Because our club members are so diverse consisting of all age groups and of many different professions from artiest to engineers, social and career networking are additional benefits of membership with the Houston Miata Club.
If you are still not convinced that the Houston Miata Club is Right for you, come out to a meeting and you will be greeted by many warm faces ready to welcome you to the family.

Club Logos Over the Years

Tech Party 1997
Nov 1997 - Miata Tech Clinic
(Maniacs learn how to work, repair and upgrade their miatas)

June 17 2000 - Club Picnic (Friends family fun)