Join The Houston Miata Club

What do I get with membership?

You get to attend all club events. You have access to the knowledge of people who have been enjoying the Miata since it was 1st sold here in the United States. You get to participate in Free Drawings for prizes at club luncheons for valuable Miata related gifts. You get to participate in all events and activities and also plan rides or activities for others if you wish. You get to vote on club-sponsored activities and participate in the election of club officers and directors, or become one yourself. You can volunteer for a position in the club to make this club better. You get special access rights to the Club Website to allow you to upload pictures, see private forums, and more.

How is the club ran and what are my rights in the club when I become a member?

The club has recently adopted a set of bylaws to give the club structure and to define member’s rights; you can download a copy of the bylaws by clicking here. You get to vote for elected officers and directors of the club and have a “say-so” in the planning of activities and events. By signing and submitting an application you also agree to sign a waiver acknowledging that you have read and agree to a general wavier on terms and conditions for your membership in the club.

How much does it cost?

$25.00 annually.

How do I sign up?

Membership sign up is quite easy, simply sign up for an account at and or Fill out an application at one of our general meetings. A copy of the clubs General Liability Waiver must be signed and on record before you can participate in a club event this can be done at the general meeting as well. Last once you have an account on You must click Here or on “Pay My Club Dues” (you must be logged in) to send in your membership fees, these can also be paid by check at the general meeting.

If you wish to mail your membership application and or payment you can mail it to the club mailing address:

Membership Chair
Houston Miata Club
P.O. Box 440757
Houston, Tx 77244

Membership Online Application- Fill in the form online and then send in your payment (only if you do not have a club online account)

Membership form as a pdf - Print out, fill in and send in with your payment ( Adobe Acrobat required)

Waiver.pdf - Print out, sign and send to the Membership Secretary or bring to the next Meeting!

Thank you for joining the Houston Miata Club! Zoom - Zoom!